Production Chain

Tobacco is a crop that enhances the concept of agroindustrial chain. A production of quality made in Italy is due to have a company, a soil, a territory “of quality”, and all this helps to give value to the production chain, to the territorial resources and entrepreneurship of farmers. The quality of tobacco is always measured more in relation to the transparency of its chain and of its impact with the environment (in accordance with good agricultural practices proposed by CORESTA and agri-environmental measures defined at regional level). Therefore, the goals in the context of the production process are to create a virtuous cycle that aims to produce as much tobacco as possible in concordance with the market requirement, and in harmony with the objectives of minimal impact to the environment.

MIT, as company in the sector, considers the control of the production chain as a respectable value and as a guide to the innovation of their own products. The company controls the stages of manufacturing from the leaf to the final stage of packaging and preparing for marketing.

The goal is to create a “short chain” only with tobacco made in Italy (as it already done with the Chiaravalle line of products) and mainly local, managing directly even the very stages of plantation on the field and pre-manufacturing (from self reproducing seeds to the consumer), with a close look at the savings in the intermediate steps and with greater energy efficiency (transport, packing, etc.) reducing the environmental impact.



L'azienda Manifattura Italiana Tabacco informa Operatori, Tabaccai e Consumatori che sta continuando la produzione nella storica Manifattura di Chiaravalle per soddisfare le richieste del mercato italiano con la qualità che l'ha sempre contraddistinta. Ci scusiamo se alcuni prodotti hanno subito, negli ultimi mesi, problemi di reperimento, impegnandoci a ripristinare quanto prima la loro normale distribuzione.